When Harry Met Sally stage show visits Dublin

Rupert Hill and Sarah Jayne Dunn reprise the iconic movie at the Grand Canal Theatre

Who can forget ‘When Harry Met Sally’? The smash hit 1989 movie is still one of the most iconic rom-com’s of all time. We still cringe about that fake-orgasm scene, that made for many an awkward first-date back in 1989.

Fans of the Oscar winning film will be pleased to hear that the west-end production is coming to Dublin in the brand spanking new Grand Canal Theatre. Corrie’s Rupert Hill and Hollyoakes’ Sarah Jayne Dunn are playing the two leads, originally played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.

The story spanning a dozen years tells the hilarious tale of two New Yorkers and the friendship that develops between them as they date (other people rather than one another!) and share the trials and tribulations of relationships. The play features music by Ben Cullum and his brother, the jazz sensation, Jamie Cullum.

Check out this scene from the movie below.

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY runs in the Grand Canal Theatre from June 28th to July 3rd

Tickets are on sale now… keep an eye on Movies.ie to win tickets.