WEIRD SCIENCE Remake in Development

The John Hughes classic getting remake treatment.

Mike Fleming over at Deadline is hearing that Universal Pictures is teaming with uber-producer Joel Silver for a remake of the John Hughes teen comedy ‘Weird Science.’

Produced by Silver, the 1985 original follows Gary and Wyatt (played by Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith), two teen nerds who, using their home computer and some Frankenstein-esque trickery involving a Barbie doll, attempt to create the perfect woman to fulfil their adolescent fantasies. But when their beautiful creation emerges – in the form of Kelly LeBrock – the boys soon discover she is something more than a sex object. The film co-starred Bill Paxton and Robert Downey Jr.

Plans are for the remake to “to carve out its own identity” with actor-turned-screenwriter Michael Bacall (‘Project X,’ ’21 Jump Street’) on board to provide an edgier R-rated comedy more in line with ‘The Hangover’ and ‘21 Jump Street.’