Watch: Official Trailer for Neasa Hardiman’s Irish Sci-Fi Thriller SEA FEVER

“I want you to test all of us.” The official trailer for the tense and original Irish sci-fi thriller SEA FEVER, written and directed by BAFTA-winning Neasa Hardiman, has been released ahead of its Irish premiere at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival on Saturday March 7th and Irish cinema release on April 24th. Check it out below.

Reminiscent of cult classics The Thing and The Abyss, SEA FEVER stars Hermione Corfield (‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’), Connie Nielsen (‘Wonder Woman’), Dougray Scott (‘Hitman’) and Jack Hickey (‘Game of Thrones’). Ardalan Esmaili, Olwen Fouéré, and newcomer Elie Bouakaze also feature.

For marine biology student Siobhan (Hermione Corfield), it was supposed to be a research excursion with a trawler crew fishing the West Irish seas. But when they hit an unseen object and become marooned, a mysterious parasite infects their water supply. Soon the oozing force infiltrates the entire vessel and turns Siobhan’s journey into a claustrophobic fight for survival. Can they stop the mysterious water borne parasite from spreading before it’s too late?

The film had its world premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in September where it was met with a strong reception. It will now have its Irish premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival on Saturday March 7th where writer/director Neasa Hardiman will be in attendance.

SEA FEVER is released in Irish cinemas on April 24, 2020.