Watch before Viewing The Sorcerers Apprentice

With The Sorcerer’s Apprentice opening in Irish cinemas next week , brings the best of all thing magical to get you in the mood…

When Manhattan comes under attack and its magical guardian no longer has the strength to fend off the forces of evil that threaten the people of the city, he must seek out and train a new sorcerer. Balthazar (Nicholas Cage) is Manhattan’s only defence against those who would endeavour to destroy the world as we know it; thankfully he comes across Dave Stutler (Jay Baruchel), a normal run of the mill guy on the surface but harbours a powerful skill with magical arts. Training his apprentice will be no easy feat in the science and art of magic but with time running short the apprentice must learn fast if he is going to be able to fight off the forces of darkness.


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice opens in Irish cinemas next week and to get you in the mood for all things whimsical and magical we bring you some of the best movies about sorcery and magic.



Fantasia (1940)


You could say Disney’s Fantasia started it all – seventy years old, the magic of one of
Disney’s greatest movies still lives on today. When Mickey, a young apprentice of a powerful wizard is tasked with cleaning up after his masters magical experiments, he decides to take the easy way out and use some of his master’s magic. Conjuring powerful spells Mickey enchants the broom to do his work but soon finds himself way in over his head and the control he had over the broomstick is lost and the magic turns on him. Colourful animation, powerful orchestrated music and the whimsy of one of the world’s most famous animated mice is as moving today as it was when it was first released.


Willow (1988)



A treacherous evil queen rules her domain with a cruel and twisted grasp but a prophecy foretells the birth of a child destined to bring an end to her reign. In the dank cold cells of the evil sorceress’s castle, a woman gives birth to the blessed child. Narrowly escaping death the baby ends up in the arms of Willow, a young farmer and apprentice magician. However the wannabe sorcerer soon finds himself running from the evil forces of Bavmorda
accompanied by his teacher and a swordsman known as Madmortigan, Willow must find a way to bring the child back to her people and fulfil the prophecy that will free the kingdom.




Merlin’s Apprentice (2006)



Starring Sam Neil (Jurassic Park) and directed by David Wu (Bride of Chucky, Snow Queen) comes a new adventure in the story of the one of the world’s most well known magicians, Merlin. Returning to Camelot after a rest of nearly 50 years, Merlin (Neil) finds that the kingdom he once knew is now only a thing of the past. The Holy Grail, the artefact that ensured the peace and tranquillity of Camelot has been stolen and chaos and disorder have ensued. With the aid of a young thief who becomes his new apprentice Merlin must seek the Grail, bring the thieves to justice and restore order to Camelot if he is ever to truly vanquish the forces of evil.



Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2009)



The 6th film in the Harry Potter series, ‘The Half Blood Prince’ is by far Harry Potter’s most perilous adventure in the series of films released so far. All the regular cast including, Emma Watson, Daniel Radclyffe, Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman return to reprise their roles in the award winning series. Taken under Dumbledore’s tutelage Harry and the Headmaster of Hogwarts begin to seek out the truth behind Voldemort, searching forgotten memories and delving into the distant past for clues and answers. Harry discovers a journal that teaches him how to pass his potions class as well as some powerful new ones unaware that outside the walls of the academy the forces of darkness are gathering quickly and the greatest danger he is about to face has been under his nose all along. In case you didn’t know at the beginning of the film, the Death Eaters destroy the Millennium Bridge in London. In the Book it is actually the Brockdale Bridge that is destroyed. The book is set in 1995 – 1996, according to the Canon time line – London’s Millennium Bridge was not constructed until 1998, and opened on 10 June 2000.