Watch before Viewing Skyline looks to the sky and recommends the following alien abduction pics…

Stephen Hawking is warning us about extraterrestrial life in the new sci-fi flick SKYLINE and it looks like he was right as an eerie light in the sky begins beaming people into the sky. Survivors must fight for their lives as the extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

To prepare for the release of SKYLINE, looks to the sky and recommends the following alien abduction films:



In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a five-hundred-foot crop circle is found on the farm of Graham Hess, the town’s reverend. The circles cause a media frenzy and test Hess’s faith as he journeys to find out the truth behind the crop circles.




In the night skies near his Muncie, Indiana home, power repairman Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfus) experiences something out of this world. His close encounter sets into action an amazing chain of events that leads to contact with benevolent aliens and their Mothership. Spectacular special effects, John Williams’ outstanding score and winning performances from Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillion and legendary director Francois Truffaut in the role of Lacombe make “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” movie magic of the best kind.




There is something evil happening in Santa Mira, CA. Some of its citizens are acting dreadfully strange, as if they aren’t even human at all. They aren’t. Kevin McCarthy is Dr. Miles Binnell, who first becomes puzzled by his patients’ disturbing behavior, then becomes terrified as he slowly unravels the bizarre mystery that plagues the town. Extraterrestrials, in the form of giant plant-like pods, are systematically taking control of the bodies of the townspeople whenever they fall asleep. Exhausted and trusting no one, McCarthy must destroy the alien race before it destroys his town–and Earth!