Watch Before Viewing Megamind 3D

As Megamind 3D flys into cinemas, we take a look at what movies to watch before viewing…

It’s time to inject some humour into the very serious genre of superhero movies! Megamind is the latest offering from DreamWorks studios, directed by Tom McGrath and starring some of the most well known names in Hollywood, including Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey.

With his home planet on the brink of destruction Megaminds parents desperately send their son into space and away from the blackhole engulfing their home while at the same time a neighbouring planet also decide to do the same thing and two little babies are flung into the darkness of space until they crash on earth and their stories unfold. One becomes Metro Man (Pitt), champion of the people and all round good guy and the other becomes Megamind, villain extraordinaire and nemesis to Metro Man.
However when Metro Man is accidentally killed by Megamind and a new threat to the city arises, the villain must decide where his destiny will take him and if the woman he loves is really worth fighting for. is a big fan of super heroes but super hero movies that don’t take themselves too seriously have a special place in our heart, so to get you ready for Megamind we bring you some of the best super powered flicks around that don’t take themselves too seriously!

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow



A direct to DVD animation, and the fifth animated movie in the series, released by Marvel Animation, Next Avengers is by all accounts a superhero movie for kids or adults with a really big inner child. Ultron, the robotic creation of Iron Man, was designed for peace and to help mankind but when its programming evolved, it turned on its owner and the rest of the world and set about taking control from humanity. Only the Avengers could stop him but one by one they were destroyed and any hope of saving the world became the task of their children, who were rescued by Tony Stark.
After an accident at their secret base, Ultron discovers the children and so together the immature and bratty new generation of Avengers must come together and set aside their childish behaviour if they are to stop the foe their parents could not.


The Incredibles



One of the most beloved and highly praised animations to ever come out of Pixar Studios, The Incredibles scooped up awards left right and centre. Fifteen years after the criminalisation of the super powered, the world has become a quieter place now that super heroes have been forced into hiding. Bob and Helen Parr were two of the greatest and while Helen is content with their life as a regular family with 2.4 kids, Bob or Mr. Incredible yearns for the golden days when he was a hero. When offered his chance by the beautiful Mirage, Mr. Incredible jumps at the chance but soon finds himself facing a ghost from his past and discovering a dark secret one that will threaten his family and the entire world. However not content to sit on the sidelines Helen once more dons her super identity and when her kids Violet and Dash stow away, the whole family winds up in the middle for a fight for their lives and their family.


Mystery Men



Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William H. Macy and Janeane Garofalo make up just some of the cast of the 2000 cult film, ‘Mystery Men’. Champion City is forever under attack from super criminals and law breakers thankfully it is protected by the one and only Captain Amazing, super powered and super sponsored man of mystery and justice.
However after doing too much of a good job and with no crime to fight, the sponsorship begins to dry up and so using his powers of persuasion he has his old arch rival Casanova Frankenstein released. The plan goes backwards and Captain Amazing finds himself captured and only a band of ragtag and awkward heroes can save him – Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and the Blue Raja.
Together they must form a group and seek out others like them if they are ever to put a stop to Frankenstein and save their beloved Champion City. It would just help if any of their super powers worked or were in anyway useful…


The Specials



What do super heroes do on their days off? The Specials is one of the lowest budget (if not lowest) super hero movies made in the last ten years and since it’s release in 2000, it has conjured up a huge following of fans around the world. The Specials is the story of a group of superheroes on their day off, balancing their chequebooks, finalising their action figures and generally sorting through the chaos that is their regular old lives. On this day though the group is hit with shock announcements, light is shed on a scandalous affair and friendships will be tested.
That would all be more dramatic if the group were in anyway popular or even known by the general public. The film stars Rob Lowe, Judy Greer and Jamie Kennedy, as heroes like ‘the Weevil’ ‘Deadly Girl and ‘Amok’. While it originally flopped it has found itself a place in the world of super hero movies and has gained a huge cult following.