Watch before Viewing Made in Dagenham

Before Made in Dagenham hits cinemas, recommends the following girl powered films to get you in the mood…

Erin Brockovich



Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Julia Roberts stars as an unemployed single mom who becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California power company accused of polluting a city’s water supply.





Another nomination for best actress for this true story of corruption and intrigue based on the like of Karen Silkwood. Silkwood was a regular blue-collar worker in Oklahoma who died in suspicious circumstances when she spoke up about working conditions in the plant that made plutonium fuel rods for nuclear reactors. For an audience used to seeing Streep a little more refined this was another show of her incredible versatility in a story made all the more tragic by the fact that it
was true.

Happy Go Lucky



Sally Hawkins stars as a single teacher who’s carefree and…wait for it…it’s coming…happy go lucky. Directed by Mike Leigh, Happy Go Lucky is full of life and laughter, and it’s just plain fun to watch. Plus, Hawkins is adorably goofy in the lead role.


Thelma and Louise



The first of these female-buddy road movies is a girl’s version of Butch & Sundance, in which empowerment is the sun-kissed side effect of a road trip toward freedom. The second is an imperfect but irresistible tale of two airheads whose bubble-brained charm blows a much-needed hole in their high school caste system.