Watch Before Viewing Hush

Hush crashes onto our screens this Friday and to truly get the road wars underway we take a look at some of our favourite road movies.

‘Dammit I knew we shouldn’t have taken that shortcut fifty miles back!’


Written and directed by Mark Tonderai, Hush follows Zakes and Beth as they trek across the vast roads spanning the US. Late one night, half asleep at the wheel Zakes almost causes an accident with another driver. Lucky to escape with his life (and no penalty points) Zakes night only worsens when after being followed by the other driver, he catches glimpse of a young woman bound and gagged in the other vehicle. Torn between his guilt and exhaustion, Zakes assumes it was his tired and frayed nerves that led his imagination astray but soon enough his own girlfriend goes missing and what begins is more than just a simple game of cat and mouse but a fight for survival…

So if you ever fancied take a cross-country trip, down the backroads and dusty highways, we recommend you watch these films and get a heads up on some survival techniques…


Joy Ride


Yet another group of carefree and funloving teens are driven over the edge and meet their doom at the hands of a psychotic truck driver. When Lewis (Paul Walker) and his brother Fuller (Steve Zahn) decide that it’s a good idea to trek across the state lines so Lewis can visit, Venna (Leelee Sobieski) a girl he likes, they found that the journey is a lot more boring and soon make use of their cars CB radio to play some practical jokes on their fellow travellers but soon find that some people can take a joke to heart and it soon turns into a roadtrip with the bodies piling up as one truck driver decides he doesn’t like being pranked.

The Hitcher


When you asked your dad could you pick up the hippies thumbing a lift when you were younger and he said know, you could probably guess that he probably saw The Hitcher(1986). When Grace and Jim almost knockdown a wandering hitchhiker they offer to give him a lift to the nearest town as a way of making up for their mistake, not knowing that they have just sealed their fate by giving a lift to a serial killer who has only one thing in mind – quenching his thirst for blood and mayhem.



‘Hey honey, here’s an idea our cars broken down so why don’t you hop a lift with this nice trucker man here and I’ll just wait till you come back’: Patrick Swayze couldn’t have made a bigger mistake if he tried! What comes next is a quest to find the truth and his wife but along the way he will realise that not everyone can be trusted and also letting your wife truck with strangers is also a bad idea!



The Devils Rejects


Just so you don’t think its always the humble learner driver who draws the short straw, Rob Zombies ‘Devil Rejects’ brings the horror to the roads as a psychopathic family tear across the motorways and highways reigning down death destruction and one hell of a bloody mess, proving its not always safe to just stay off the roads.


Hush is in Irish cinemas from Friday, March 13th.