Watch before Viewing His Hers

With His & Hers now in cinemas, takes a look at what other Irish flicks will you leaving reaching for your hankie

Straight from the kitchens, living rooms, and hallways across middle Ireland, His & Hers, the latest Irish picture to hit the screens, takes us through the lives of 70 women of all ages  – as they document their relationships with Irish men.

Begining with a new born baby girl and taking us right up to the retirement home, His & Hers offers a simple, yet refreshing look into Irish life.; expect tears, joy and laughs along the way! To celebrate the release of the movie, picks three pics that will surely leave you tearful, happy and laughing!



Jim Sheridan’s Academy Award winning film takes us back in time to the Dublin of the first half of the twentierth century. Christy Brown was born into a poor working class family in 1932, and Daniel Day Lewis portrays brilliantly the difficulties and triumphs of growing up in this era with cerebral palsy.


This was the film responsible for the surreal sight of The Frames frontman Glen Hansard accepting an Academy Award. Hands up who could have predicted that one! John Carney’s charming tale of a musical partnership between a Dublin busker and a Czech immigrant picked up the award for Best Original Song in 2008. The film takes us on a trip around modern Dublin from Howth Head to Mountjoy Square to Grafton Street all accompanied by a lilting soundtrack.


Lance Daly’s Kisses is a dark fairytale with a more than familiar setting for any Dubliner. Dylan and Kylie are two kids with turbulent and sometimes violent home-lives. After an particularly bad incident, the pair decide to leave for good and spend an eventful night on the streets of Dublin. The pair meet a host of colourful characters through the night – Dublin immigrants, friendly buskers, the “Sackman” and even Bob Dylan…sort of.