Watch before Viewing Easy A

It’s girl on girl action, as prepares you for the release of EASY A

Before you go see EASY A, check out these other movies to release your high school drama queen. 

Mean Girls


Caddie (Lindsay Lohan) trades the African jungle for the High School jungle when her parents take up residency in college. Once here Caddie soon realises that high school kids are lot more dangerous the wild animals of Africa and path soon crosses that of the Plastics, a clique more deadly than any stampeding rhino or hungry lion. The Queen Bee, Regina (Rachel McAdams) decides to turn the new girl into her pet project but things start to go wrong for the Plastic Queen and the pupil fast become the master and all out battle for High School supremacy begins with plenty of backstabbing bitching and catfights and that’s just between friends.


The Heathers



These girls make the Mean Girls Plastics look like Girl Scouts. The Heathers are all called…well…Heather and they rule the school with an iron fist. Veronica (Winona Ryder) desperately tries to fit in with the cool crow and has even gotten herself a seat at the Heathers exclusive table but she realises that not all that glitters is gold and when she is forced to choose between her new friends and old friends she finds herself torn that is until a new guy joins the school and a new friendship is formed and some old ones are cut loose permanently.





Imagine waking up the morning of your birthday, your friends have all gathered round your room to surprise you with gifts and cards, they sound like the perfect friends. When Liz Purr woke up the morning of her birthday her best friends kidnapped her, gagged her with a jawbreaker and locked her in the trunk of her car and when she accidentally chokes and dies on the jawbreaker they cover up your accidental death and act like nothing ever happened and they would have all gotten away with it too but for the fact that the High School social outcast Fern Mayo saw it all. Starring Judy Greer Rose McGowan and Pam Grier, murder most foul is turned into high school politics and when your best friend is the bitchiest killer alive who can you really trust?

EASY A hits Irish cinemas on October 15th