Vote On The Best Movie of 2010

It’s election time here at, We’re looking for your VOTES to build our shortlist for the best movies of 2010

Amongst the doom and gloom of the Recession, IMF talks and yes, Brian Cowen, we can at least be certain of one thing – 2010 has been a pretty good year for celluloid and it’s only getting better.

Remakes, reboots and sequels, Hollywood seemed obsessed with revisiting the glory days of neon, hairspray and Duran Duran with a string of ’80s hits returning to our screens including A Nightmare on Elm Street, The A-team and The Karate Kid. We eagerly await the return of Tron!

After a twelve year wait, Jim Cameron delivered his follow-up to Titanic – did Avatar sink or swim? Well, box office reports show it was a swimming sucess and we agree. Who doesn’t like the smurfs? Speaking of animation, 2010 saw the return of Woody and Buzz for their final outing – in true Pixar form, it had our inner-ten-year-old in tears and who out there expected Woody and co. to burn in that furnace? Us too!

At home, we had much to be proud of with many great pics including Neil Jordan’s Ondine, Savage, Zonad and the charming His and Hers – every Irish boy loves his Mammy, we smell Oscar sucess with this one.

But that’s enough from us, we hand the decision over to you; what is your movie of 2010 – did Angelina Jolie’s SALT leave you looking for more PEPPER? Was Kick-Ass everything its name led us to believe?


We will use your votes to make a shortlist for our end of year poll in December and narrow it down to find the ultimate movie of 2010.

The winning movies of this poll will also be printed in Movies Plus (M+) magazine, available from Irish cinemas nationwide. 






We will print the shortlist in December, when you’ll be able to vote in other categories including best poster, best actor, best actress and our favourite poll, Worst movie of 2010.