Video Interview Russell Brand

Struggling road construction contractor, Sachin Tichkule, is doomed to dream big. There is no chance in hell that his dreams will ever come true, simply because he has no money to bribe. To make matters worse, the new Municipal Commissioner turns out to be his ex-girlfriend who now hates him. Even as you laugh as Sachin bumbles his way from one disaster to another, the film reveals in a light hearted way the extent of corruption and bribery rampant in the system. And the ingenious means you have to adopt if you want to survive. Enjoy the bumpy ride!

Russell Brand is taking over Hollywood. Or at least that’s what the comedian/radio presenter has been proclaiming each week on his Radio2 slot.


And yes, it certain does seem the British born will succeed. After his role in last year’s ‘St Trinian’s’, Brand seems to have found his niche in Hollywood along side the Apatow boys (Jason Segel, Nick Stoller et al.). He stars in this weekend’s DVD release ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ as the lothario figure not dissimilar to Brand’s own personality.  He has also just signed on to another project with the Apatow gang billed as a dirty ‘Almost Famous’.


What’s next for Brand, well a biopic for starters based on his recent autobiography. It certainly seems will be seeing a lot more of Brand in the near future. spoke to the eccentric star recently about his move to Hollywood! 

Check out our video interview below:


‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is out on DVD in Ireland from Sept 12th 2008