Video Interview Robert Downey Jr for Tropic Thunder

Hollywood’s prodigal son chats to about ‘Tropic Thunder’ out on DVD this weekend

2008 truely was the year of Robert Downey Jr; he kicked it off as the Iron clad Tony Stark, followed it up with the excellent ‘Charlie Bartlett’ and now he’s brought the blockbuster season to a close with the hilarious Ben Stiller comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’.


In what must have been a controversial role choice, Downey Jr. plays pompous method actor Kirk Lazarus, the Oscar winning thesp willing to do anything for his craft including undergoing a skin pigmentation transformation to play his character as an African-American Sgt. Lincoln Osiris. But where did Downey Jr. get the inspiration for his funniest character to date? Well according to the man himself – think Colin Farrell meets Danny Day-Lewis and you have his latest creation!


Paul Byrne met with Downey Jr. to chat about the film, the possiblity of an Oscar nod and his upcoming Guy Ritchie project ‘Sherlock Holmes’.





‘Tropic Thunder’ is out on DVD in Ireland from January 23rd 2009.