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Ricky Gervais isn

Ricky Gervais isn’t happy with Louis Walsh.

And it’s not because of all the battery-farmed acts he’s inflicted upon us over the years. It’s because Ireland’s answer to Colonel Tom Parker used Ricky Gervais as a term of abuse earlier this month.

“I was watching The X-Factor, and Louis said to this guy – who was totally okay-looking – as an insult, ‘You look like Ricky Gervais’. He meant it as an insult!


“Think about that. Louis Walsh had a go at my looks. This is worse than when Dawn French called me fat.”

Gervais lets out one of his trademark cackles – or is it a guffaw?

“How would you feel if Louis Walsh made you look like a right c**t in front of ten million people…?”

A pair of raised eyebrows, smacked lips and two shrugged shoulders later, Gervais offers a truce. Of sorts.

“I love you, Louis,” he says, as he delivers a David-Brent-straight-to-camera smile. “He gets enough stick off Simon…”


It’s not very often that Ricky Gervais gets stick off anyone. Feted as comedy’s new golden boy after the double-whammy of The Office and Extras, after bagging a wheelbarrow-full of Emmys, the Reading lad found Hollywood – and pretty much the entire Western world – at his feet.


Instead of jumping into the first big-budget starring role that came his way, Gervais took two steps back, popping up for little more than cameo appearances in the likes of Night At The Museum, For Your Consideration and Stardust. Oh, and writing and starring in an episode of The Simpsons.


When it came to the big-screen though, Gervais was determined to wait until he found that special script that truly made him laugh. After all, it’s not like he needed the money. Or the adoration.

The wait has been worth it though, Ghost Town being one of those smart Capra-esque comedies that’s almost Groundhog Day good. Almost.


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Ghost Town is at Irish cinemas from October 24th.