Video Interview Lucy Liu

We talk to Lucy Liu about voicing the Viper in Jack Black’s latest animation comedy ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

From the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad of ‘Kill Bill’ to Master Viper in the ‘Kung Fu Panda’, Lucy Liu has always had a soft spot for those exquisite Asian arts.

In ‘Kung Fu Panda’, Liu voices the character of Viper, one of the ‘Furious Five’ animal incarnations of the different fighting styles of the martial arts. The  Viper stealthily overtakes and overwhelms. Her style features sly, quiet surprise attacks and fierce and violent lightning-fast strikes. It also doesn’t hurt that Viper is beautiful and charming – another way to sneak up and distract her opponent.

So is Liu anything like her character? Here, we chat Vipers and more with Lucy Liu.


Kung Fu Panda is in Irish cinemas now.