Video Interview Kristen Stewart

Twilight’s leading lady Kristen Stewart talks about her role in the new vampire flick…

Having acted alongside an impressive list of actors at the tender age of 18, Kristin Stewart has steadily been making a name for herself in Hollywood. After a starring role in Panic Room with Jodie Foster in 2001, she went on to earn a solid reputation as an adult actress with her wonderful performance in Sean Penn’s Into The Wild, opposite Emile Hirsch.

 It was these performances that caught the attention of director Catherine Hardwicke, who cast her in the coveted role of Bella – a girl who falls in love with a vampire – in the film adaptation of the wildly-successful book Twilight.

 Beautiful, confident and just a tad deadpan, talked to the actress to discuss the role of Bella – a role she freely admits she rejected at first, dealing with the press and the upcoming sequel “New Moon”. To view this video interview, just press play below.




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