Video Interview Guy Richie

Does the RockNRolla director have any interest in an Irish gangster movie? Check out our video interview with Mr. Madonna…

We’re guessing there must be days when Guy Ritchie wishes he was back stacking shelves in HMV on Oxford Street.

One such day would have been when his last film, Revolver, hit the world’s screens with a resounding thud. Another difficult morning would have been spent reading through the reviews, and the lowly box-office receipts, for the film before that, 2002’s Swept Away. Both films sucked the big one. Completely.

Not that Guy Ritchie needs to make films to feel miserable, of course. He is married to Madonna, after all, and I’m guessing there’s been quite a few grey days for Mr. Madonna as he sees the tabloids once again splash her trademark gap-toothed grin all over the morning papers once more.

The latest stink centred on an alleged affair between Ritchie’s jet-setting, hugely-successful missus and some hunky American sports star (the New York Yankees’ third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, to be precise).

More recently, a Hollywood psychic declared that Madonna’s first child, 11-year old Lourdes, is actually the reincarnation of that Argentian icon Eva Peron (being a Hollywood psychic, she naturally went for a figure Madonna herself has played, in surprisingly non-crappy Evita). Oh, and let’s not forget that no one at Madonna’s recent 50th birthday party was allowed to have the number 50 appear anywhere, as, according to her beloved Kaballah, the Material Girl is actually only 36. Oh, Kaballah, I bet you say that to all the multi-millionaire girls!

Still, what is a man to do when both his livelihood and his manhood are being brought into question? Go down the garden shed and build something, that’s what. And Guy Ritchie’s favourite thing to build, when left to his own devices, is a ‘Cor, blimey!’ cockney crime caper set in London’s East End. Luvaduck.

The Only Fools And Horses – With Guns! approach worked wonders for Ritchie when it came to Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and its sequel-of-sorts, Snatch (2000). So, you can see why he might want to head back to such a happy place.

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RockNRolla is now showing at Irish cinemas nationwide.