Video Interview Aaron Eckhart

Gotham’s White Knight, Aaron Eckhart, talks Batman, out on DVD this weekend.

It’s been 11 years since Aaron Eckhart’s stunning debut in Neil LaBute’s ‘In the Company of Men’ and since then he’s proven his worth as one of Hollywood’s contemporary greats (most recently noted for his performances in ‘Thank You For Smoking,’ and ‘The Black Dahlia.’ Now in the latest Batman movie, Eckhart steps into the role of Gotham’s White Knight, District Attorney Harvey Dent, destined to become the vindictive Two-Face. Here, Eckhart talks casting, Christopher Nolan and playing the Dark Knight’s White Knight.



‘The Dark Knight’ is out on DVD in Ireland from December 5th 2008.

We have 10 copies to give away – stay tuned!