Video Feature Bee Movie

King of Comedy Jerry Seinfeld takes us behind the scenes of animated pic ‘Bee Movie’.

Bee Movie, written, produced and starring world-renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld, took audiences by swarm, earning over $274 million in worldwide box office sales.


Seinfeld, voices Barry B. Benson, an ambitious young worker bee who soars out into the world in search of nectar and adventure.  With the help of his new friends, Mooseblood the Mosquito, a florist named Vanessa and the high-flying pollen jocks, Barry sets off an un-bee-lievable chain of events that prove even a little bee can make a big difference!


In this clip, Barry B. Benson, aka Jerry Seinfeld, takes us behind the scenes on ‘Bee Movie’.


‘Bee Movie’ is on DVD from Friday.