Vaughn and Goldman In Debt

In 1880, following a controversial horse race that led to an unresolved death, Gruff Rhys’ family split as Dafydd Jones took his young family to join the burgeoning Welsh community in Patagonia, South America. There was to be no contact between the families for almost a century when in 1974 Rene Griffiths arrived in Wales with his Latin infused Welsh love songs and became an over night sensation.

Stardust collaborators Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman have sold their spec script for a remake of Israeli thriller ‘The Debt’

The story follows three Mossad agents who chase a Nazi war criminal across Europe 20 years after the Second World War has ended.

Vaughn has previously directed Layer Cake and Stardust and  is currently attached to direct Thor for Marvel Studios and Kick-Ass, based on Mark Millar’s comic series.

He will reportedly produce but not helm ‘The Debt’ (no doubt he’ll be kept busy with Thor).

EXTRAs:Jane Goldman who co-wrote Stardust with Vaughn is the wife of TV presenter and film critic Jonathan Ross.