Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal (‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe,’ ‘Trollhunter’) has closed a deal to take the helm of the Australian-Irish co-production ‘Emergence.’

Per Variety, the sci-fi thriller follows “a mining crew working on a distant moon that faces a frantic struggle for survival when a rogue terraforming organism is accidentally released on the surface, spreading like wildfire as it consumes anything in its path.”

Jim Duggan of Dublin-based Screen Scene (‘Room,’ ‘Glassland,’ ‘Patricks Day,’ ‘The Guard’) will produce the project alongside Pictures in Paradise’s Chris Brown (‘The Proposition’), and Alex Francis (‘Moon’) over at CastleView Films. XYZ Films and StarStream are executive producing.

Irish screenwriter and producer Rowan O’Neill and Jonathan auf der Heide (‘Van Diemen’s Land’) penned the script based on a story by Chris Kunzmann and O’Neill penned the script.