Trailer Talk The Incredible Hulk

A flower extract plant owner deals with workplace issues and a stream of bad luck, including his wife’s affair with a gigolo.

The first trailer for the new Incredible Hulk has been released and if the Hulk himself is anything to go by, it’ll be fierce! The latest take on ‘The Incredible Hulk’ comes from director Louis Leterrier and Fight Club’s,’ I am Jack’s colon’, Ed Norton.


With the film due in less than three months, the trailer has been a long time coming. According to reports, there still is a lot to be done on the project, with Norton, who is both the lead actor and screenwriter, unhappy with some aspects of the film’s final cut.  That said, we think the trailer certainly packs a punch, revealing some key aspects to the story, showing us one mean Hulk and of course the introduction of the bad ass Abomination.


You can watch the trailer for the film below but we’ve also selected a few key stills we think are worth paying attention to!

















Taking over for Eric Bana (he prefers to play dead kings now, a la ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’) Ed Norton plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk. According to the director, you won’t have to wait long to see the transformation, with the hulk appearing in the first three minutes of the film!!!
















From the very beginning of the trailer, we are told that Banner sees the Hulk not as a gift, but as a problem. It seems in his search to get rid of the hulk he also tries to control the green monster within with meditation and various other techniques, all the  while on the run from the military, William Hurt plays the General leading the search, who seek him out as a weapon.















The Abomination! Pulp Fiction’s Tim Roth plays Emil Blonsky who eventually becomes the Abomination after he is injected with Banner’s gamma formula. He is the antithesis of Banner. While Banner seeks to avoid conflict, Blonsky the man destined to become the Abomination, is a fighter and solider.

















Like the Hulk, the Abomination is  basically a supped-up human with bulging muscle, external vertebrae and skin like an exoskeleton.   The director has gone on record to say that  the Abominations is green, though from the trailer it seems otherwise. He explained, to Empire, that ‘since there are lots of layers of skin and he’s kind of transparent, he reflects whatever’s around him. Since both he and Hulk are gamma monsters, they both have to be gamma green. He’s brand-new, he’s a new monster, so he’s unstable and not perfectly green, but he’s still very green. If you look at him in broad daylight, he looks like the animation from the comic book, that darker, deeper green.’


















That’s how he is billed in the trailer- ‘Man’s Only Hope Is Something… Incredible’. The bane of Banner’s life will have to be released to battle against our man Abomination in a fight, which is 26 minutes long. Epic!




The trailer also shows a number of other characters, including Banner’s love interest Betty played by elven beauty Liv Tyler and Ty Burrell makes an appearance as psycho-therapist Leonard Samson, the very famous comic-book character in the realm of Hulk who thinks he can cure Banner’s “illness” through psycho-therapy.  The trailer in full is included below. The director has made it clear that none of the shots in this trailer are finished  but that it is designed to show people the direction they are taking. If this is what he considers ‘unfinished’ we’re in for a treat come June 13th!



‘The Incredible Hulk’ is in Irish cinemas June 13th