Toy Story 3 Breaking records in Ireland

The latest movie from Disney/Pixar is proving a huge success at the box office.

Toy Story 3 is well on the way to Infinity and Beyond making €2.79 million on its opening week at the Irish Box office surpassing its closest rival by over 20% and taking £21.2 million (€25.3 million) in Irish & UK Box office combined. The latest movie in the TOY STORY franchise has broken records for The Walt Disney Company Ireland whose previous biggest opening was €1.77 million for ALICE IN WONDERLAND earlier this year. Audiences are flocking to see the film in 3D, which made up a whopping 76% of the total TOY STORY 3 Ireland box office.

TOY STORY 3 beat TOY STORY 2’s opening by 73%. The original TOY STORY movie took €1.35 million in its opening week at the Irish box office, while TOY STORY 2 took €4.47 million. TOY STORY 3 was Disney/Pixar’s first $100M opening in the US and is Disney/Pixar’s biggest release to date in the U.S. currently at $380M.

The Irish public is also showing huge appetite for TOY STORY merchandise.The Buzz Lightyear Action Figure is forecasted to be the top toy of the year, having already sold over 1 million units in Ireland & the UK since the release of the first TOY STORY film. The new characters from TOY STORY 3 are already proving to be best sellers with most Disney Store’s having sold out of the Lotso Bear Plush with more having been ordered to meet demand for Christmas.

The TOY STORY 3 Game has taken the number 1 spot on all formats with 31,600 games being sold this week, and 49,400 in just 10 days in Ireland & UK.Total sales of the Blu-ray and DVDs in Ireland & UK of TOY STORY 1 & 2 in July have already seen a five-fold increase to sales in the whole month of June.

It’s safe to say that TOY STORY fever has well and truely taken over the country!

TOY STORY 3 is now showing in Irish cinemas