Top Ten Sexy Vampires

With Lesbian Vampire Killers in cinemas now, we take a look at ten of the sexiest vamp babes to ever hit the silver screen. Stakes at the ready!

(10) Catherine Deneuve in “The Hunger”

Lesbian Vampire Killers isn’t the first Vamp flick to feature some girl on girl action. And if you’re looking for more hot lesbian vampire action (and lets face it, who isn’t?), look no further than this artsy ‘80s classic. Catherine Deneuve is new-wave hot as an ancient vampire who stalks the New York club scene and rejects David Bowie for the slightly-less-feminine Susan Sarandon.

(9) Anne Parillaud in “Innocent Blood”

In this 1992 released pic, French actress Anne Parillaud plays Marie, a vampire with a taste for mobsters and you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off of her. So much so you’ll probably be unaffected by the shameless Italian-American stereotyping throughout John Landis’ film.

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