Top Five Ben Stiller Roles

To celebrate the release of Noah Baumbach’s excellent Greenberg, we pick five of our favourite Stiller roles

Love or hate him, there is no denying Ben Stiller impact on comedy over the past two decades. In honor of his latest efforts in Noah Baumbach’s excellent Greenberg, we pick five of our favourite Stiller roles:


Ben Stiller proved both his acting and directing chops on the 90’s classic ‘Reality Bites’, playing a hardnosed yuppie who falls for a free spirited Winona Ryder. The perfect movie to remember the 90s, and Ryder before it went all so wrong…


In his most subdued comedic performance, Stiller teamed up with Wes Anderso. He played a safety-obsessed father with his own daddy issues. Continually funny and sometimes heartbreaking, this is one of his most memorable performances.


Ben Stiller brings us one of the funniest movies to ever grace our screens, with a multitude of stars and some of the greatest comic scenes to ever hit cellulude. With stars such as Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell., as well as cameos from David Bowie and Billy Zane, who can say no?


A movie that really doesn’t need any introduction, There’s something about Mary spawned a generation of crude romantic comedies. Carefully walking each side of the spectrum, Stiller delivers a performance that became a precursor to the rest of his successful career.


A recent war movie spoof that took cinemas by storm, Stiller led an excellent ensemble cast that includes Jack Black, Steve Coogan and Robert Downey Jnr in a scene stealing role. With a hilarious cameo from one Tom Cruise, Tropic Thunder is quite possibly the funniest movie in recent years…