Top 7 Star Trek Mashups

With Trek fever swiping the nation, looks at its all time favourite Star Trek mash-up!

No other show has lent into self to parody the way Star Trek has… Ever since the franchise exploded onto our screens over forty years ago, lovers and haters of all things Trek have been producing their own variations – from fan fiction, songs and of course the infamous slash (we’ll let you do the goggling on that one!) And now with the advent of Youtube, Trekdom has been taken to a whole new level with 100s of Star Trek mash-ups online. With Trek fever swiping the nation, looks at its all time favourite Star Trek mash-up:



Brokeback Trek




Missed Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain in the cinema? Well here’s your chance to catch the 24th century spin on the gay-western with Picard and Wesley Crusher as the lead – that’s right, move over Beverley!




Star Trek: The Sex Generation




Innuendo ahoy! Assuming you’ve looked up slash fiction, now you see how sex and Star Trek have gone hand in hand for many a fan. Well we’ve picked our favourite PG-13 slash mash-up – packed full of double entendres and, among other things, the infamous Klingon mating ritual. Go get her Mr Worf!)




Star Trek v Star Wars




It’s the age old question – which is the better sci-fi franchise, Roddenberry’s Star Trek or Lucas’ Star Wars. Why exactly you can only choose one we’re not sure, but for all you involved in this never ending feud, find the answers here!




Star Trek Rhapsody!




And now for something a little more… musical! Yes it seems Star Trek and Queen go hand in hand for the Trek mash-up and our favourite is Star Trek Rhapsody. Sure the video is a little shoddy but with such “poignant”, what’s not to love! Honourable mention to our second favourite – “Set Phasers to Rock” – a classic use of a classic song.








Yes, that’s right, some clever nerd out there has even managed to combine Star Trek TNG with 80s TV soap Dallas. Could we see Picard as a ruthless oil tycoon? Why, Jean Luc Picard can do it all! Additional kudos points to the creator for some clever video editing….




Star Trek goes Britpop




Mostly, we love this one for Shatner’s eerie take on Pulp’s classic song Common People but when combined with a video documenting the love between a Captain and his First Officer, aka Kirk and Spock, the results are equally eerie but altogether hilarious!




Love Boat




Yes throughout its long history the Enterprise has seen its fair share of love… Kirk and Uhura, Data and Yar, Riker and Troi, Crusher and Picard and oh yes, the ill conceived romance between Troi and Worf (what the frak!). It seems only fitting that the ship should be considered sci-fi’s Love Boat. Plus, check out some of the guest star appearances in this trailer – now that’s a show we want to see!


“Star Trek” is in Irish cinemas now!