Top 10 Unfinished trilogies

Three is the Magic Number as we count down our top ten unfinished trilogies…

Watching the repeat of the 2008 MTV movie awards (the 7,429 time it has been repeated) we got to thinking about sequels. For those who didn’t see the event amongst all the shameless self promotion there was one big talking point that was on everyone’s lips: the reunion of everyone’s two favourite slackers, Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. Their skit was hilarious , just check it out on youtube, and since then speculation has been rife that this reunion could lead to a third Wayne’s World film (unfortunately dismissed by Mike Myers). Though we won’t be seeing Wayne and Garth reunite, it got us thinking, what films would we like to see turn trilogy…




(1) Airplane 


Although it may be sacrilege to conclude the trilogy without the brilliantly deranged Lloyd Bridges (mcCrosky) these films continue to capture new fans. David Zucker is due a return to form…and credibility after Scary Movie 3. A third instalment could just be the answer.


(2)Wayne’s World 


Since we know this isn’t on the cards we’ll keep it short. All we’ll say is, Mike, if you’re reading this Wayne’s World 3- OSCAR WINNER 2010!


(3) Predator


Ignore the two Alen vs Predator films…just erase them from your memory completely! The first Predator film still stands up as a bona fide action classic with some of the best one liners ever. The second instalment, although inferior, still has some moments of magic. Rumours have persisted that the third film would see humans land on the predator home…and how cool would that be!



(4)Caddyshack 3


Sadly the comedic genius that is Rodney Dangerfield has passed away but just imagine Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd back to their comedic stylings on SNL in the 80’s…oh and don’t forget the gofer.




Who wouldn’t love to see the deliciously warped mischievous Mogwai back again to cause more mayhem and havoc. Those new BT ads with them still makes me chuckle and if a third film was done well it could re-launch a franchise for a new generation.







Probably the film that audiences would like to see the most. The original films still hold up and with the development of special effects and CGI a third installment could be the most impressive yet.


(7)Fright Night


Yes the first two are a little dated but they still remain a key staple of 1980’s horror. The horror/ comedy genre has been reinvigorated recently and now could be a good time to complete the trilogy.


 (8)Clerks 3


Clerks 3- Director Kevin Smith has stated that he would consider “going back to the well” for a third film. What will Dante and Randell’s 30’s have in store for them…most likely talking about the hilarious ups and downs of love, life, work and Star Wars!


(9)28 Days later


Almost the closest thing to a certainty on this list especially after the ending of 28 weeks later. The sequel retained the integrity of Danny Boyle’s shocker and both films have been popular with audiences and critics alike…28 Months Later…original!


(10) Before Sunrise/Sunset


Yes, we admit it, we want to see this snoopy love story returning and why shouldn’t we??? Sentimental it may be but Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are the perfect on-screen couple. The sequel may have wrapped things up nicely and we’re not exactly sure when the film would bet set, but who doesn’t want to know what came of them. Marriage, kids, still rambling around talking? Tell us!



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