Top 10 Sporting Movies

As Sugar opens this week, gets ready to rumble as we count down our favourite sporting movies.

The roar of the crowd! The blood, sweat and tears! The beautiful game! Even if ordinarily the mere idea of watching a bunch of dirty men chase a ball around for ninety minutes puts you into a coma, the sporting film can touch even the most uninterested. To celebrate the release of acclaimed baseball flick Sugar, we give you our top ten of sporting films, so good you’ll love them even if you don’t know your . So, let’s all be sporting about this; remember if your favourite hasn’t been included remember it’s the taking part that counts!




1. This Sporting Life

Rugby these days may be all celebrity girlfriends and magazine deals but This Sporting Life goes straight to the dirty and violent world of the sport in Northern England in the 1960’s. Richard Harris plays Frank Machin, a small-town miner who tries to escape his bleak future through rugby while also trying to win the affections of his widowed landlady played by Rachel Roberts.

2. Jerry Maguire

So the legacy of Jerry Maguire may have been slightly tarnished by the quotable quotes that have come from it (“Show me the money!”, “You had me at hello” etc.). It’s a pity really, as it is one of the great sports films and shows the other side of American football – a humiliating and punishing routine of cut-throat agents and product endorsements.