Top 10 Odd On Screen Couples

As The Private Lives of Pippa Lee sees the unlikely pairing of Robin Wright and Alan Arkin. looks back at some of the oddest couples in cinema history.

Mankind has spent a large proportion of its time on this earth contemplating that many-splendored thing – love. Have any of us learnt anything? Not really no…so that old boy meets girl thing still finds its way into our cinemas week after week. This could get a little dull so thank goodness for those odd couples (bad or good) that find their way onto cinema screens! This week brings you our top ten favourite unlikely movie couples.


1. Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort – Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude are a screen couple who are much loved and the film is widely regarded as an all-time classic. This is all despite the fact that with an age difference of 60 years between the 20 year old Harold and the just turning 80 Maude, they are perhaps the most unlikely couple in cinema history. What makes the film so remarkable is that it somehow manages to avoid any (let’s put it politely) negative aspects of such a relationship and is extremely heart-warming and funny.



2. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones – Entrapment

What is it with Catherine Zeta Jones eh? She has definitely developed a thing for the leathery older man since her formative years in the Welsh valleys. Whoever it was who thought that making her a love interest for Sean Connery in Entrapment got it seriously wrong. The intended sexy cat and mouse game just became a little bit disturbing; the pairing of the hirsute Connery and the lycra-clad Jones had serious yuck factor!