Top 10 Indy Moments

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As we
prepare for ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ this Friday, we
thought we’d take a look back at our favourite Indy moments in the first three

(1)Boulder chase :Raiders of the Lost Ark

Well you can’t really miss this one, it’s been parodied so many times. The opening of ‘Raiders’ ranks right up there with the best opening moments in film history. Who knew a boulder could be such a defining piece of iconography?

(2)The mine chase :The Temple of Doom

Who can forget the roller coaster ride in ‘Doom’. As the film’s action centerpiece it’s unrelenting, heartpounding action from the moment Indy takes the wrong set of tracks that lead down into the lava-filled heart of the mines, to the thrilling conclusion of the scene as Indy, Willie, and Short Round cling for dear life to the cliff face- it just doesn’t let up!

(3) Gun Versus Sword :Raiders of the Lost Ark

The age old question ‘tradition versus modernity?’ is summed up in the the hilarious gun versus sword scene in ‘Lost Ark’. A scary looking swordsman gets ready to slice n’chop our hero, in typical duel manner. Indy, having no time for all this swordplay pulls a gun and puts a quick end to the fight. Quick, painless, hilarious. It’s a brilliant, defining scene that almost wasn’t. An elaborate fight sequence was originally scripted, but Harrison Ford came down with dysentery, and wasn’t up for it. “Why don’t we just shoot the sucker,” he asked Spielberg, who instantly agreed.

(4) Horse to Tank: The Last Crusade

Without the use of CGI, Indy jumps from a horse to a moving tank. It may not really be Ford at the helm, but the stunt,  performed by legendary stunt man and coordinator Vic Armstrong, was voted one of the 10 best stunts of all time by Sky Movies viewers in the UK in 2002 and definitely deserves to make our top five.

(5) I’m Melting, Melting! Face Melting Scene:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

With Indy and Marion tied to a pole things look grim for our hero as those pesky Nazis open the Ark of the Covenant. Suddenly Indy yells to Marion to cover her eyes and we, the audience, watch what happens to those around them. The ark obliterates the Nazis with rays of light. The most iconic shot, however, is that of the evil Tohts head melting away layer by layer…shudder.

(6) Bar Fight: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The setting is The Raven, a bar in Nepal where Indy has just been reunited with his former love Marion Ravenwood. Greeting him with a defiant right hook, the action only gets bigger (and better).  Indy departs, Nazis arrive (including the creepy Major Toht) and chaos ensues.  Just as Toht is about to burn Marion with a red-hot poker, Indy suddenly returns with his ever faithful whip to deal with those Nazi villains. A great bar fight and an even better introduction to the character of Marion

(7) Snakes! :Raiders of the Lost Ark/The Last Crusade

Running throughout the films is Indy’s ever present fear of snakes. First used to comic effect in ‘Raiders’ but later explained in ‘The Last Crusade’  as a young version of Jones himself, played by River Phoenix, falls into an entire crate of the slimy critters sending him into lifelong snake shock.

(8)Snake surprise and chilled monkey brains : The

Temple of Doom

It’s not an action scene per se but it’s certainly one of the best gross-out moments and a lighter touch to the the darkest of the three original films ‘The Temple of Doom’.  Featuring Baby snake appeasers, beetle humus, eye ball soup, monkey brain and Willie’s (pictured) reaction – it’s comic Indy at its best.

(9) The Jones Boys :The Last Crusade

He may not be in the latest film, but the addition of Sean Connery to the cast of the Indiana Jones saga was brilliant, and his chemistry with Harrison Ford was impeccable. There are so many scenes between them, we can’t pick our favourite, maybe Connery in the motorcycle side chair, just for the comedy!

(10) Heart of Darkness : The Temple of Doom

The Thuggee cult performing a human sacrifice (by removing a living man’s heart) deservedly makes our top ten list. The scene is notable for Amrish Puri’s villain, who is shown chanting lines such as “maaro maaro sooar ko, chamdi nocho pee lo khoon” – literally “Kill, Kill the pig, flay his skin, drink his blood”.Temple of Doom was temporarily banned in India for an allegedly racist portrayal of Indians.

DISCUSS: What are your favourite Indy moments?

‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ is in Irish cinemas Friday.