Top 10 DVD Easter Eggs

This Sunday, forget chocolate eggs and check out ten of the sweetest DVD Easter eggs on the market!


Looking for something… incredible? Well check out the sock puppet version of “The Incredibles. It’s not quite as long as the actual film itself, and the dialogue is somewhat edited, but it’s acted out entirely with sock puppets. To access it: On Disc 2, allow the Set Up menu to go through its full cycle of animation. Scroll down to the Setup option and hit Enter. Once on the Setup screen, an icon of an Omnidroid will soon appear in the upper right corner. Press your Up arrow to highlight the Omnidroid, then click on Enter.



(2) THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (Special Extended DVD Edition)

With so much info on the special edition Lord of the Rings, these easter eggs can be hard to find but here’s your chance to hear the gospel according to Gollum! On disk go to the chapter menu, and find Chapter 30. From there, hit the Down arrow once, now press the Enter button. Here you should find Gollum’s acceptance speech from the MTV Movie Awards. Half of it has to be bleeped out. Andy Sirkus, who does the voice of Gollum, is accepting the award for best CGI Character. Golum rushes in and grabs the award out of his hand and starts cussing up a storm. He’s going off on Peter Jackson and then starts in about Dobby, the house elf from Harry Potter, being gay. Amen Gollum, Amen!