TOMB RAIDER Reboot Hires THE WAVE Director

Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug (‘The Wave,’ ‘Escape,’ ‘Cold Prey’) has been tapped to helm the long-in-the-works reboot of ‘Tomb Raider’ for MGM and Warner Bros.

Plot details for the reboot are under wraps, but the film will be more in line with the recent reboot of the videogame series and will explore the origin story of daredevil archaeologist and adventurer Lara Croft.

Angelina Jolie played the iconic heroine on a series of global missions in 2001 and 2003, directed by Simon West and Jan De Bont respectively. They grossed a total of €310m at the worldwide box office.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet, who penned the Black List script ‘Hibernation’ and is a co-writer on the fifth outing of ‘Transformers,’ is in negotiations to write the screenplay for the reboot.

First developed back in the mid-1990’s, the original ‘Tomb Raider’ games have sold over 35million game units worldwide with Lara Croft becoming one of the most recognized name in gaming history. The latest game in the franchise, ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider,’ was released for Xbox ONE and Xbox 360 earlier this month, with the PS4 and PC versions coming next year.