TIMECOP Getting Reboot Treatment

Remake of the time-travel action flick in the works.

According to THR, Universal Pictures is planning a big screen reboot of the 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme sci-fi actioner ‘Timecop.’

Based on the Dark Horse Comics mini-series created by Mike Richardson, the Peter Hyams-directed original was set in the then future of 2004 and centred on Max Walker (Van Damme), a member of the Time Enforcement Commission, a security agency tasked with policing time travel. Walker soon finds himself crossing paths with a shady politician (played by Ron Silver) who has been using era’s time-travel technology to further his political career.

Considered one of Van Damme’s most successful films, both financially and critically, the film spawned a short-lived TV series and a direct-to-DVD sequel, featuring an all-new cast.

Marc Shmuger and Tom McNulty will produce remake with plans for a complete re-imagining of the concept. Van Damme will not be involved.