Thomas Jane Has A MAGNIFICENT DEATH FROM A SHATTERED HAND with Nick Nolte and Jeremy Irons

Casting begins for Jane’s indie thriller.

It has been announced that Thomas Jane (‘The Punisher: Dirty Laundry,’ ‘I Melt with You’) is set to direct and star in the indie Western thriller ‘A Magnificent Death From a Shattered Hand,’ with Nick Nolte and Jeremy Irons attached to co-star.

Scripted by Jane and Jose Prendes (‘The Haunting of Whaley House’), the story follows one man’s journey for redemption in the ruthless West — where an ex-soldier is relentlessly tracked down for the murder and rape of a well-to-do woman. He must face mercenaries, tribal warriors, and women of sin to clear his name and uncover the true story behind the manhunt.

Talking to Variety, Jane said: “My intention is for the movie to utilize themes that characterize the classic Western films – their exploration of rugged individualism versus civic duty, of personal valor versus the violence of pre-civil worlds – to create a film that works on the level of rousing entertainment.”

Production is set to kick off in the spring in Utah with Geyer Kosinski, Dean Bornstein and James Ordonez producing.