Scribe to take a crack at the erotic thriller…

Multiple outlets are hearing that Universal Pictures and Focus Features have hired screenwriter Mark Bomback (‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,‘ ‘The Wolverine,’ ‘Unstoppable,’ ‘Deception’)to “polish” the script for director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ adaptation.

Starring Northern Irish actor/model/musician Jamie Dornan (‘The Fall,’ ‘Marie Antoinette’) and Dakota Johnson (‘Cymbeline,’ ‘Ben and Kate,’ ’21 Jump Street’), the erotic thriller follows the relationship of 27-year-old seductive billionaire Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele.

British-American actress Jennifer Ehle (‘Contagion’), Luke Grimes (‘True Blood’), Eloise Mumford (‘The River’), Max Martini (‘Pacific Rim’), and Victor Rasuk (‘Lords of Dogtown’) are also on board.

Mumford will take the role of Kate, Anastasia’s best friend and roommate; Grimes the role of Christian’s brother, Elliot; Rasuk is set to play Anastasia’s close friend, José. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ star Ehle will be playing Anastasia’s mother, Carla; Martini will play Jason Taylor, Christian Grey’s bodyguard and head of his security team.