Well here’s a surprise, the footage from ABC’s new MUPPETS TV show is hilarious, even funnier than what we saw in the two recent movie outings. After debuting the footage at comic con, ABC have made the footage available to everyone and gives an idea of what we can expect from the new series which begins in September… Irish viewers will be able to watch The Muppets on SKY later this year.

  • emerb

    anyone else a child who grew up in the
    80s and can’t wait for this!! #guiltypleasure

    • filmbuff2011

      I’m an 80s kid as well, but I was never into The Muppets. I was into the darker, spookier stuff from Jim Henson like The Dark Crystal and The Storyteller TV series. The Dark Crystal is a formative childhood film for me. I guess I was one of the few kids who really loved it. Even now, it’s still magical.

      • emerb

        Never heard of it but just googled it – way too scary for me. I was a muppets/fraggle rock/smurfs/gummy bears kid! #memories