The Latest Speed Racer Footage

New trails from Wackowski Brothers ‘Speed Racer’

Two new trailers for the upcoming ‘Speed Racer’ film have been released.
This is the latest movie written from the now infamous Wachowski Brothers -having previously  written and directed ‘V for Vendetta’ and, of course , the Matrix trilogy.
The trailers don’t really tell us much about the plot, though we do know it centres on a man determined to win The Crucible – a futuristic cross-country rally race in which his brother previously competed and died. Mostly the clips are about the action and the visuals. Based on the comic/cartoon series the Brothers Wachowski have taken the franchise into the live action realm but, as usual, with a difference. It seems the two have blended live action and CGI animation giving the film a unique comic book/video-game. So far there has been mixed reaction to this idea, but if these trails are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat!


Speed Racer will be released in Ireland 16 May 2008