The Inbetweeners movie sequel confirmed

Damon Beesley lets movie sequel details slip

If you thought that 2011 was the year of THE INBETWEENERS then think again, the E4 TV show is about the go even bigger.

While doing press for the original film, which only opens American cinemas next month co-creator Damon Beesley revealed “I don’t want to give too much away at this stage but yes, we have been developing an idea for a sequel. We miss working with Simon, Joe, James and even Blake too much not to give it a go.”

Fellow series creator Iain Morris backed up the comments on Twitter saying “Yes, but it’s far from signed and like Damon said we want to make sure we have a good enough story to tell.”

Beesley added that he hoped “to make sure that we can do justice to a follow-up”.

The films four lead actors earned just £500,000 for the first installment but can now demand a much higher salary for any sequels.

The MTV US rename debuted this week to mixed reviews.