Ten Things You Need To Know About Saoirse Ronan

We bring you some trivia about Saoirse Ronan, star of THE HOST

THE HOST hits Irish cinemas this weekend, and the film stars our own Saoirse Ronan. Movies.ie brings you ten factoids we feel you really ought to know about the actress.

Saoirse was born in The Bronx, New York City, and moved to Ireland with her family when she was three years old.
That’s OK, we’ve adopted her anyway!

Ronan’s father, Paul, is also an actor; has appeared in The Tudors and Ballykissangel
Paul Ronan also appeared in two films about Veronica Guerin…

Saoirse auditioned for the role of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but lost out to Evanna Lynch.
We just can’t imagine Saoirse in this role, Lynch utterly embodied Luna. Sorry Saoirse!

Although her first role was in RTÉ’s The Clinic, Ronan’s breakthrough role was in Joe Wright’s Atonement.
Medical dramas were all the rage in the early 2000s…

Peter Jackson originally cast Saoirse in The Lovely Bones as she was an unknown, but she was Oscar nominated for her role in Atonement in the middle of
filming The Lovely Bones and everything changed…
An odd twist of fate but not, we imagine, an unwelcome one.

Saoirse Ronan is an ambassador for the ISPCC…
…And her dog is called Sassy. Aww.

Ronan reunited with director Joe Wright for the action thriller Hanna.
A slightly different role, and film, than Atonement, but one that allowed Ronan to show off her versatility.

Saoirse dropped out of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood to film The Way Back with Peter Weir.
We’re not sure, but we think this may have been the right choice.

Her middle name is Una
Since Saoirse means Freedom, Una means Unity and Ronan apparently means Little Seal, we like to think that Saoirse may be a selkie.

Saoirse next appears on our screens in Neil Jordan’s vampire flick, Byzantium.
From the trailer, this looks great. We can’t wait!

Words: Brogen Hayes