Ten things you need to know about Colin Farrell

We bring you factoids about the star of DEAD MAN DOWN

To many Irish cinema goers, Colin Farrell needs no introduction, and there is bound to be someone in your extended circle who claims to be related to him, or at least to have met him.
We are fans of trivia and fun facts here at Movies.ie, and with DEAD MAN DOWN in cinemas this weekend, we decided to unearth some facts out one of Ireland’s favourite sons…

Farrell auditioned for Boyzone but didn’t make the cut.
There is probably no-one more relieved that this didn’t work out than Farreller himself.

Colin’s sister Claudine Farrell is also his personal assistant.
It’s good to know that Farrell has strong family values.

For four months in 2001, Colin Farrell was married to actress Amelia Warner, who has acted in AEON FLUX, QUILLS and MANSFIELD PARK… Although the marriage wasn’t technically legal.
Colin has a tattoo of Amelia’s nickname on his left ring finger.

The first time Farrell used his natural accent in a film was his role as Bullseye in DAREDEVIL.
We still think that Colin’s request for peanuts in this film was one of the best things about it.

Colin was once a line dancing instructor in Docs nightclub in Limerick.
Thank god his acting career took off!

Considers Al Pacino an influence and one of idols. The two actors worked together in THE RECRUIT, and Pacino described Farrell as ‘the best actor of his generation’.
Wow. We’d be starstruck too! Pacino is a complete legend.

Apparently, Farrell was first inspired to become an actor after crying while watching E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
Anyone who is not moved by E.T. is made of stone. Fact.

Farrell got his big break in Joel Schumacher’s TIGERLAND. For which he won rave reviews.
Farrell also had a small role in Schumacher’s VERONICA GUERIN, as a typical Dublin lad.

Farrell was close friends with Elizabeth Taylor, and was one of the few non-family members to attend her funeral.
Not bad for a lad from Castleknock!

Farrell won one of his first big roles – in MINORITY REPORT – after Matt Damon turned the part down to appear in OCEAN’S ELEVEN.
Farrell apparently has ‘no problem’ with this factoid being common knowledge, so we feel safe sharing it with you.

Words: Brogen Hayes

DEAD MAN DOWN is in Irish cinemas from Friday May 3rd