We bring you the facts about the star of THE LEGO MOVIE and HER

Chris Pratt stars in two movies released in Irish cinemas this week; THE LEGO MOVIE and HER. We gathered together all the facts about the actor known for playing affable, if goofy, characters.

Chris Pratt is married to Anna Faris.
… They met on the set of TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, where they played a couple about to get married. Aww.

Pratt was waiting tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui, Hawaii when he was discovered.
… No really. Actor/director Rae Dawn Chong spotted Chris and cast him in CURSED PART 3.

Faris and Pratt both had dead insect collections before they met. When they married they combined their collections.
… That’s kind of disgusting, but rather cute.

Pratt has appeared in a film that was Oscar-nominated for Best Picture for three consecutive years; MONEYBALL (2011), ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012) and HER (2013).
… Keep an eye on Pratt’s next projects, JURASSIC WORLD and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

It’s not all good though, Chris was also in last year’s MOVIE 43.
… The movie currently sits at 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. Eek!

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Pratt revealed he was a stripper as a teenager.
… We hear MAGIC MIKE 2 calling!

Chris replaced Josh Brolin in the lead role in JURASSIC WORLD.
… And Pratt’s star continues to rise!

Chris’s character on PARKS AND RECREATION – Andy Dwyer – was originally supposed to be a temporary character for the show. Audiences liked him so much that Pratt became a series regular in season 2.
… We can’t imagine the excellent PARKS AND RECREATION without Andy!

Apparently, Pratt says ‘Dude’ a lot, both on and off screen.
… In fact, this has become the actor’s trademark.

Chris went through vigorous training and boot camp to prepare for his role in ZERO DARK THIRTY.
… We totally admire his commitment to his work.

THE LEGO MOVIE and HER are both released in Irish cinemas on February 14th

Words: Brogen Hayes