Ten Movies to See in June

Movies.ie previews ten of the best films to get you out of the sun this June!

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

What’s it about:

In this fourth installment of the durable Terminator series, the year is 2018, and a nuclear holocaust has effectively ended civilization as we knew it. With Terminators snapping up what little remains of the human race, a small group of survivors have gone underground in an effort to battle the controlling organization Skynet, which shocked the world by triggering the apocalypse. Standing up against all odds is John Connor, the one man who knew this was going to happen, and Marcus Wright, a death-row inmate who’s about to be executed when he’s given a new lease on life by Dr. Serena Kogan, a scientist with big plans for this dead man walking. Though Connor is highly suspicious of Kogan’s creation, he forms a precarious bond with the resuscitated Marcus as the two search for a way to infiltrate and conquer a very imposing enemy.

When is it in cinemas?
June 3rd, 2009

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