Cardboard Gangsters

CARDBOARD GANGSTERS (Ireland/ 18/ 92 mins)Directed by Mark O'Connor. Starring John Connors, Fionn Walton, Kierston Wareing, Jimmy Smallhorne. THE PLOT: 24-year-old DJ Jay (John Connors) is also a small-time dr...
Get Up
3.0Kick-ass Soundtrack

Get Up and Go

GET UP AND GO (Ireland/15A/94mins) Directed by Brendan Grant. Starring Peter Coonan, Killian Scott, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Sarah McCall, Ryan McParland, Natalia Kostrzewa, Aidan Lawlor, Sara Lloyd-Gregory, Fionn Walton, Paul Woodfull. THE PLOT: Life is comin...