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The Childhood of a Leader

CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER (UK | France | Hungary/TBC/115mins) Directed by Brady Corbet. Starring Liam Cunningham, Berenice Bejo, Robert Pattinson, Stacy Martin, Yolande Moreau. THE PLOT: In 1918, young Prescott...

Brady Corbet’s THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER Trailer

"Witness the birth of a terrifying ego." The directorial debut of Brady Corbet (‘Funny Games,’ ‘’), THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER is loosely based on Jean-Paul Sartre's short story of the same name chronicling the ...

The Best Spy Comedies

SPY is released in Irish cinemas this week, and stars Melissa McCarthy as a desk jockey at the CIA who finds herself unexpectedly thrust into the field when she agrees to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer. SPY is bound to be another hit for McCarth...