Swedish TV Series NEVER WIPE TEARS WITHOUT GLOVES Being Adapted for Big Screen

Producer planning big screen adaptation of the three-part drama.

Swedish TV producer Maria Nordenberg is in the process of adapting the hit Swedish drama series ‘Never Wipe Tears Without Gloves’ into a feature film.

Often compared with ‘Angels in America,’ the drama is based on a true story about young gay men in Stockholm in the early 1980s. The three-part drama series stars Adam Palsson and Adam Lundgren in the leads and is helmed by Simon Kaijser and written by Jonas Gardell, one of Sweden’s most influential writers.

Talking to Variety, Nordenberg said, “We have a draft for a feature, which we will continue to edit, and we are also in talks with distributors and co-producers. It could be a tough sell in Sweden, since so many have already seen the series, but our principal focus will be the international market, film festivals and channels focused on TV movies.”