Superman Stalled

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‘Superman’ is the latest franchise to get tied up in legal red tape.


The film and TV future of comic book’s most iconic hero looks to be in doubt now with a landmark decision having been made last week in the ongoing legal battle over copyright of the character of Superman.


Superman creator Jerry Siegel sold the rights to the character to DC comics for $130 back in 1937. Though the creator has since died, it appears the courts have ruled in favour of his family with a federal judge ruling  that they were entitled to claim a share of the U.S. copyright to the character.


The ruling is expected to be appealed, but if it fails, the family will be in for retroactive payment from all Superman earnings since 1999. It also means that rights to the characters may revert to the Siegels in 2013.


What this exactly means for any future film remains unclear, we’ll keep you updated as the story continues.


TIDBIT: The copyright claim only covers elements of the character that appeared in Action Comics #1. So if  the film can work without the characters Clark Kent and Lois Lane and the man of steels costume, we’re all set!