Star Trek Augmented Reality Experience

Put the enterprise in the palm of your hand

To promote the international release of STAR TREK on May 8th, Paramount
Pictures International (PPI) is today launching ‘Experience The
Enterprise’; a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) application
placing a 3D interactive version of the Starship Enterprise in the palm
of your hand.


To try it out visit


Augmented reality (AR) technology combines real world and
computer-generated data to bring a 3D interactive version of the
Starship Enterprise to life in the palm of your

Anybody with a webcam can take a tour of the Enterprise using the kind
of futuristic technology that sits at the heart of perhaps the most
popular science-fiction franchise of all time.  Once underway, you are
given a ‘cadet holo-simulation’ by Starfleet, the Academy in which new
recruits Kirk, Spock and McCoy are enrolled at the start of the new

This is the first time AR has been used to bring a major film release
to life in this way.  The application itself was constructed using the
original 3D model of the Enterprise appearing in the film, as well as
featuring an array of special effects direct from the production.  It
was developed for PPI by creative marketing agency Picture Production
Company (PPC), working in conjunction with augmented reality
specialists Total Immersion.

The below youtube video explains the process in more detail.