Spielberg Circling Biblical Epic GODS AND KINGS

Legendary filmmaker in talks for Moses epic.

Back in September Deadine reported that Warner Bros. was courting Steven Spielberg to direct the Moses tale ‘Gods and Kings.’ Now, according to Twitch, the director has entered formal talks to take on what it is sure to be an epic project.

Penned by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, the film will covers the life of Moses from birth to death. It will of course cover the plight of the Hebrew slaves that led Moses’ struggle against the Pharaoh for their freedom out of Egypt; the Ten Plagues; the Burning Bush; the daring escape across the Red Sea; receiving the Ten Commandments, and delivery to Israel.

Twitch adds that producers Dan Lin and Matti Leshem are no longer attached, but it is expected that Spielberg will bring his own people on board if he takes the job.