Sneak Peak Tropic Thunder Opening Scene brings you a sneak peak at Ben Stiller’s hilarious war comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’.

If you missed our advanced screening of ‘Tropic Thunder’, you don’t have long to wait now until Ben Stiller’s first directorial effort since ‘Zoolander’ hits the big screen.

In an all-star cast, Stiller joins Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black as the motley film crew who set out to make the biggest war movie ever. But after huge budget overruns and a tantrum from the studio head (an unrecognisable Tom Cruise), the hapless English director (Steve Coogan) decides what the film needs is a lot more realism. So, he plunks his all-male cast deep down into the jungles of Southeast Asia for some on-the-spot boot camp training. What starts out, as an exercise turns disastrous when they encounter REAL enemy warriors trying to do them in…

This comedy-war pic knocked the Dark Knight from the top spot in the States and judging by early user reviews, it’s sure to repeat the success when it opens in Ireland Friday.

And just to get you in the mood, we have the hilarious opening scene of the movie for you to feast your eyes on. Enjoy!


Tropic Thuner is in Irish cinemas from September 19th.