Simon Pegg Teaming With Joe Dante for CASTING THE RUNES

Pair teaming for occult tale.

Joe Dante, the filmmaker behind such classics as ‘Gremlins,’ ‘The ‘Burbs,’ and ‘Innerspace,’ is said to be teaming up with Simon Pegg (‘The World’s End,’ ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’) for a contemporary spin on MR James’s classic ghost tale ‘Casting the Runes.’

“When up-and-coming actor Jake Harrington (Pegg) inexplicably hurls himself in front of an oncoming subway train, celebrity gossip blogger Mark Dunning smells a story in Harrington’s connection to self-help guru Simon Karswell. What Dunning isn’t prepared for is the secret behind Karswell’s motivational-speaker success: a command of dark occult forces that reveals his following to be more cult than therapy.”

Screenwriter David Tully is on board to modernise the story, with Daniela Tully of Shivertown Road Films and Rob Heydon producing.